Odour management

Our skilled engineers possess a broad range of methods, techniques and technologies to identify and remedy specific odorous situations.

We have a wide experience in the identification of odour sources and their remedy.

Odour measurement and analysis is becoming an increasingly important area for managers involved with environmental matters.

The measurement of odours is a highly complex issue due to the fact that:

  • many odorous emissions consist of a mixture of different compounds
  • the response of the human nose is highly subjective
  • people have widely varying responses to specific odours
  • the sensitivity of individuals decreases with age, smoking and prior exposure to an odour

Whilst a complex issue, our experience and use of the latest technology, means that you can be confident of a successful resolution

For further information on our odour management services, or if you require assistance identifying and rectifying odorous situations, please call us on +44 (0) 2476 474 877 or contact us now.